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Yukon Quest

Yukon Quest is without question the most noticeable event in the north of 60th, since 1984 is not only a tradition but a success of how a sport event gets the attention of hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.
Yukon Quest’s website is a key factor in its strategy, the quest has the local attention in the north of Canada and Alaska, but through the website, this amplifies to more than a million views every year during the race, this is a huge success considering how light the population in this region is.
During these two years working with the Yukon Quest team, Bizont apply cutting-edge methodologies to build an engaging platform for balance a website that needs to be attractive to the public users and also functional for the staff.

  • Client: Yukon Quest
  • Date: 2019-current
  • Website: yukonquest.com
  • Services: Web Development, Web Design